What to Wear

One of the biggest hurdles for clients is figuring out wardrobes and what to wear for their professional photography session. Believe me, I’ve been there! I get very obsessive about my family photo wardrobes and often it becomes a full time job figuring out what we will wear and shopping for just the right outfits. Clothing is definitely not the most important part of a photography session, but the right look can definitely take your photos up a notch. Giving a little extra consideration to what to wear will help bring your session to the next level!

Pinterest is an amazing resource for ideas. Search for “What to Wear Family Photography”

A few tips for successful wardrobes include:

  • Choose the tone of your wardrobe: neutrals (white, cream, tan, brown), cool (blues, greens, white, cream, grays), warm (reds, oranges, yellows, browns)
  • Don’t match exactly, but coordinate within your chosen color tone
  • Choose one accent color for a pop of color (for example a yellow necklace or scarf with a blue toned wardrobe)
  • Layers and accessories look great! A vest, jacket, boots, scarves, jewelry, suspenders, ties all enhance your wardrobe
  • If one person wears a busy pattern, coordinate with more solid colors  for the others (for example, if mom wears a patterned dress, choose a solid color shirt for dad)
  • Avoid solid white or black, neons or brights, overly busy patterns, and pictures or logos
  • Don’t forget about shoes! A beautiful wardrobe can be negated by dirty tennis shoes or casual Crocs
  • Make sure nails are clean and manicured, any fake tattoos or stamps are removed off of kiddos, and faces are cleaned prior to the session


For those that would love to have help during this process, Simply Bliss Photography is excited to partner with Jessica Bergsten, owner of 1200 Miles to Barneys.

Minneapolis St Paul Photographer


1200 Miles to Barneys is here to help you with all needs relating to your wardrobe (personal shopping and styling, closet organization, seasonal purges, consignment, photo and event styling, locating that hard to find item, etc.). Each client is different, and so are their needs. Whether it is that finishing touch or a new wardrobe the client can delegate as little or as much as they would like.  1200 Miles to Barneys takes the work out of getting dressed for any of life’s events.  No task is too big or small and style can be found on any budget.

Jessica truly enjoys helping families get ready for their special moment. She knows that the process of figuring out what to wear for that special moment, however, can be somewhat stressful. Whether it is creating outfits from what you already own, finding that right accessory or shoe that has been alluding you and you don’t have the time, or going out and purchasing new outfits for everyone she will take the stress and guesswork out of getting ready for your family photos. For beautiful pictures it is important to feel and look like yourself, not an over styled unrealistic version.  She is here to help you in a way that is customizable to your family’s needs. Everyone will be ready to go, confident their outfits look great with none of the last minute chaos.  Your family will be able to enjoy the experience of making memories.

Contact Jessica:

Phone: 952.239.9438